Aaron Taylor-Johnson is on a rampage in 'Kraven the Hunter' trailer

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is on a rampage in ‘Kraven the Hunter’ trailer

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The hunt has officially begun, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is unleashing a savage rampage in the latest trailer for Kraven the hunter.

The footage, released on Monday, shows a glimpse of how Taylor-Johnson’s Sergei Kravinoff became the Kraven. While on a lion hunting safari with his father (Russell Crowe), a crime lord and hunter, Sergei is attacked by a lion after failing to shoot it. Considered weak in the eyes of his father, he is left for dead, but everything changes when the bite of the lion seems to give him superpowers.

“I looked death in the face and for the first time I saw my true self,” the Spider-Man villain played by Taylor-Johnson can be heard in the trailer for the upcoming Sony film.

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As Sergei grows older, he begins his own personal hunt for villains, pursuing them ferociously. At one point he says: “My father puts evil into the world, I remove it”.

The trailer also teases the return of The Rhino, another iconic Spider-Man villain, played by Alessandro Nivola in the film. Finally he says, “Don’t you want to know why they call me the rhinoceros?”

Last year, Nivola spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about her role in the film, even though she hadn’t named her character at the time.

“I only transform, physically, in the final moments of the film, so it’s just a classic villain role,” Nivola explained. “She had a really interesting and complex psychology and personal history to draw on, and the film has a time jump, so the character changes a lot from how she is at the beginning of the film. It was an opportunity to act like any other film I’ve done.

The film directed by JC Chandor also stars Ariana DeBose, Christopher Abbott, Fred Hechinger, Levi Miller and Murat Seven.

Kraven the hunter will debut in theaters on October 6.