Succession Season 4 Episode 6 Shiv Tom

Adam McKay had to “recover emotionally” after watching the “Succession” series finale.

Adam McKay didn’t want to look up after the “Succession” series finale.

The director of ‘Don’t Look Up’, executive producer of the Emmy-winning HBO series, has revealed he had to ‘recover emotionally’ after watching the final 90-minute episode, ‘With Open Eyes’, which airs aired on Sunday May 28.

Executive producer McKay watched the last episode to give creator Armstrong some notes.

“I had to recover emotionally after seeing it,” McKay said Variety while promoting his upcoming podcast ‘Death on the Lot’. “My God. Oh! I knew what was coming. And again! My God. Oh.”

“Succession” centers on the Roy family’s battle to take over Waystar Royco after the death of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox). The fourth and final season hinges on Roy’s primary children – Roman (Kieran Culkin), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) – who taint tech founder Lukas Matsson’s (Alexander Skarsgård) potential takeover of the media conglomerate. ), to disastrous ends.

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“Succession” premiered in 2018 and is also executive produced by director Mark Mylod, who helmed the final episode. Composer Nicholas Britell confirmed that the series finale is 90 minutes long and will be a “huge episode, like a movie”. The final episode of “Succession” will air May 28.

“There is promise in the title of ‘Succession’. I never thought it could go on forever,” series creator Armstrong told The New Yorker earlier this year. “I think this succession story that we were telling is complete. This is muscle season to exhaust all of our reserves of interest, and I think there’s a little bit of pain in all of these characters that’s really strong. But the feeling that there might be something else to an allied world, or allied characters, or some of the same characters, that’s also strong on me. I sensed the end of the show, when I spoke to some of my collaborators, like: maybe there’s another part of this world we could go back to, if there was an appetite? Maybe there’s something else that could be done that builds on what’s been good about how we’ve worked on this. So that’s another real feeling.