AFM According to Janina Vilsmaier, Head of Sales, Protagonist Pictures

AFM According to Janina Vilsmaier, Head of Sales, Protagonist Pictures

What has been the main impact of the Hollywood strikes on your business?

The uncertainty … it is difficult to approach the market without being able to get certainty and clarity on projects and build a consistent strategy.

What will you most miss about the Loews Hotel? 

The ocean view! I live far from the sea, and that view on the Pacific every day really brought me joy! 

What will you miss least?

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The elevator. It was a bit of a challenge to get a spot in that crowded elevator. But running up the stairs when there wasn’t room was actually a great workout! 

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?

The Bungalow. Such a great place! But not at the weekends. 

Your hidden-gem restaurant or bar in West Los Angeles?

I’ll never tell … I want it to remain hidden!

Best place to take a break from the market? 

A stroll on the beach or a wander around the pier — anything where I can take a break from discussing the market!

At AFM, you should always …  

Remember to bring a jacket. The bright, sunny mornings can
make you forget that it gets really chilly at night. 

At AFM, you should never …

Miss out on a lobster roll — it should be your priority.

What’s the best “worst” project you’ve seen on offer at AFM?

All projects have their space and audience! I truly don’t think that there is such a thing as a “best/ worst” project. Even if I’m not the target audience, someone is!