Alex Gibney finishes Paul Simon Doc's "In Restless Dreams" for the Expected Fall Festival Bow

Alex Gibney finishes Paul Simon Doc’s “In Restless Dreams” for the Expected Fall Festival Bow

Alex Gibney, who recently set his Elon Musk documentary, Mosswith HBO, wrapped up its Paul Simon documentary in time for a planned fall festival.

The document, entitled In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simonhas been in the works for three years and follows Simon as he makes his latest album, Seven Psalms. According to the project description, it “asks questions about faith and mortality, during the pandemic and while coping with his hearing loss.” The album, which will also feature his rise as part of the duo Simon & Garfunkel and an award-winning solo artist, features rare footage of Simon, including outtakes from the 1969 doc Songs of America and the first tests.

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Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions produced alongside Closer Media and Anonymous Content, who also co-financed the project. (Gibney, Closer and Anonymous Content had previously worked together Moss.)

Erin Edeiken, David Rahtz and Svetlana Zill produced, with executive producing by Jeff Kramer, Stacey Offman, Richard Perello and Kristen Vaurio. Closer Media’s Zhang Xin, William Horberg, Joey Marra and Bob Xu are also executive producers, with Anonymous Content’s Nick Shumaker, Jessica Grimshaw and David Levine.

“In early 2021, during the pandemic, Paul invited me to film him filming his most recent album, ‘Seven Psalms’. Paul was losing hearing in one ear and it was a devastating time. His tribulations making that album about faith and mortality are the emotional heart of this story,” Gibney noted. “Creating a dreamlike visual landscape to encounter Paul’s life as an artist was painstaking and one of my greatest joys. .”

Altitude, UTA and AC Independent handle the sales.