Alleged victim of Kevin Spacey says he woke up to find actor 'performing oral sex' on him, according to UK jury

Alleged victim of Kevin Spacey says he woke up to find actor ‘performing oral sex’ on him, according to UK jury

Kevin Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting a man after he fell asleep in the actor’s London flat, the jury in the actor’s criminal trial heard on Monday.

In week three of the trial at Southwark Crown Court, where Spacey is facing 12 charges from four different men, the jury was shown video of the fourth and final alleged victim testifying in police questioning dating back to 2017, when she described of the police said the incident occurred in the summer of 2008.

In the video, the individual described how he first connected with Spacey after taking part in an initiative the actor had organized for emerging actors at the Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey served as artistic director between 2004 and 2015. After contacting Spacey later via letter seeking mentorship and guidance, he said, to his surprise, within weeks of mailing the letter, Spacey phoned him directly, suggesting they meet for a walk near Waterloo at 11pm later that night.

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The walk, he said, quickly brought them to Spacey’s apartment, where he was invited in and where they drank beer and smoked weed. After thanking Spacey for putting The Old Vic initiative into action, telling him he had an agent behind it, he said the Oscar-winner had started hugging him on the couch and then started “rubbing my face against my ‘groin”. But he says he pushed him away and tried to distract him by changing the subject.

Shortly thereafter, the alleged victim claims she fell asleep, stating that it was “not something I would normally do” and that it was “unusual behavior to just pass out.” When he woke up on the couch sometime later, she found that his pants had been unbuttoned and unzipped, Spacey was “performing oral sex on me”.

Immediately pushing Spacey away, she told police the actor had said he should leave and told him not to tell anyone what had happened.

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