AMC Theaters ditches the variable price plan that charged more for better seats

AMC Theaters ditches the variable price plan that charged more for better seats

AMC Theaters is moving away from its “Sightline” pricing strategy, which had different prices for seats at different locations within each theater.

First announced in February, AMC’s plan was to charge higher prices for top seats in each theater and lower prices for front row seats in auditoriums.

The company said Thursday it would end the pilot program in the coming weeks and replace it with a new program that aims to improve seats in the front of each auditorium (an area considered the worst viewing experience).

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“Starting in late 2023, AMC will begin testing its new seating concept,” the company said. “Ample comfortable lounge-style seating will allow guests to fully lie back and relax. The angle of the seats will also make it more enjoyable to watch movies from these front row seats closest to the screen.”

Prices have not been announced for the new seats, although the company noted that in the Sightline pilot program, most consumers were willing to pay more for the premium seats, while they saw little or no change in the seats before. row, even with their lowest priced seats.

The company says it is moving away from the Sightline program “to ensure ticket prices remain competitive.”

The Sightline plan has aligned movie tickets with other forms of entertainment, such as concerts, sporting events or plays, which charge different prices depending on the seat. However, it also marked a departure from the way movie tickets were traditionally sold.

While theaters have long offered cheaper tickets to matinees or other timed performances, they have typically avoided charging patrons different prices to see the same film in the same auditorium at the same time.