Apple reveals first look at Brad Pitt's Formula 1 film

Apple reveals first look at Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 film

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Apple Studios has revealed a first image from Brad Pitt’s highly anticipated Formula One film.

The untitled film, which also features Snowfall starring Damson Idris in a lead role, it is set in the world of elite motor racing. Pitt plays a former F1 driver who returns to racing for the fictional APXGP team, a mediocre group, alongside the character of Idris.

The film is produced in collaboration with F1 and will be shot on and around the Grand Prix race weekends. The project is looking to capitalize on the current popularity of F1 racing which has been fueled by Netflix’s dramatic docuseries Drive to survive.

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The film is a reunion for the creative team behind it Top Gun: nonconformist with director Joseph Kosinski teaming up once again with writer Ehren Kruger and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Also starring Tobias Menzies (foreigner, The crown) and Academy Award nominee Kerry Condon (THE Banshee of Inisherin).

The drama is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and seven-time F1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films.

In June 2022, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Apple’s F1 feature deal was a potential game changer in Hollywood. The unique deal, which calls for a wide theatrical release with a significant window, will charge the creative team three ways: their upfront fees, hefty purchase fees, and the cinematic backend. DAY reported that instead of a token theatrical release or a daily opening, the film would have an exclusive, global runtime of at least 30 days (one source says it could be as high as 60 days) before moving to the Apple TV+ platform.

The F1 feature film is the second Apple vehicle to star Pitt, with the Oscar-winning actor also appearing in Jon Watts’ upcoming thriller Wolves alongside George Clooney and Amy Ryan. Wolves it was also the subject of an intense bidding war between the studios and Hollywood streamers.