Ben Platt at the "Theater Camp" premiere

Ben Platt dodges Nepo Baby’s question during the “Theater Camp” press interview.

Ben Platt has stopped talking about nepo kids.

The ‘Theatre Camp’ actor closed the question over his nepotism star status as the son of Hollywood and Broadway mega-producer Marc Platt during a Rolling stone interview.

When asked about Platt’s inclusion in the infamous New York Magazine “Nepo Baby” cover issue of 2022, Platt replied, “We’ll skip it right away if we can.” His publicist later chimed in (as included in the Rolling Stone piece): “If we could just focus on ‘Theatre Camp,’ that would be great. Thank you.”

The Rolling Stone reporter said the interview was cut short not long after, with the publicist asking only one more question halfway through “what was supposed to be a 45-minute interview.”

IndieWire reached out to representatives for Platt for comment.

Platt has never addressed the nepo child debate. His father, “Legally Blonde” producer Marc Platt, produced nearly every project he starred in, as well as the Sundance film “Theatre Camp,” which Platt co-wrote. The Searchlight Pictures film is now in theaters.

The “Parade” Broadway actor recently told IndieWire’s Anne Thompson that “Theatre Camp” had been in the works for years and had become a passionate project.

“If you are in a position to do something that truly fills you up and is joyful and fulfilling and meaningful, then that has to be the priority. We learned the hard way that you have to really prioritize this,” Platt said. right now in the film landscape — and in our individual lanes of our careers they tell us to prioritize that. So we had to learn that it had to come to us putting that first. We feel so wonderfully lucky and grateful and vindicated that it has made the way we always dreamed it could.

The “Pitch Perfect” actor summed up, “It’s about the live experience together, the movie, the importance of family and friendship. Searchlight is so special about finding quirky, small, specific, warm stories and bringing them to life. We actually couldn’t believe it for a while.