‘Bottoms’ Trailer: Rachel Sennott & Ayo Edebiri Start Female Fight Club in R-Rated Raunchy Comedy

A girls self-defense club in a toxic heterosexual high school? Welcome to “Bottoms”.

Rachel Sennott (“The Idol,” “Bodies Bodies Bodies”) co-wrote the high school comedy with “Shiva Baby” director Emma Seligman. Sennott plays queer teenager PJ opposite Ayo Edebiri, who plays PJ’s childhood friend Josie. The duo yearn for their respective crushes, Isabel (Havana Rose Liu) and Brittany (Kaia Gerber), as they try to navigate adolescence in the shadow of quarterback Jeff (Nicholas Galitzine) and his friend, teammate Tim (Miles Fowler). ).

PJ and Josie stumble upon a girls’ fight club, co-run by misfit outcast Hazel (Ruby Cruz), in the hopes of befriending (and hooking up) with cheerleaders under the guise of feminism. Marshawn Lynch, Dagmara Dominczyk and Punkie Johnson also star in the highly anticipated R-rated summer comedy.

The writer-director Seligman said so Entertainment Weekly who decided not to review “Superbad” or “American Pie” because “I think we didn’t want to be influenced by them, but we definitely felt like queer women didn’t get there because of a teen sex comedy.”

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Lead Sennott added, “We had references in our minds in terms of ‘Scott Pilgrim,’ ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ ‘Jawbreaker,’ all these different movies. But we also wanted to make sure that we weren’t (just) making one and that it was a mix of genres. It’s a campy high school movie, but it’s also an action movie. I think nobody really thought we were going to make it bloody. We had our producers call them saying, “Did you add quotes?” And they were like, ‘Just for clarity, this isn’t actually a fight club…?’ We were like, ‘It’s fight club!’”

IndieWire’s 2023 SXSW review praised the film’s creation of a “strange parallel world with almost cartoonish logic, heightened to the point of serious parody” in the vein of “Not Another Teen Movie” and “Do Revenge. ”

“’Bottoms’ is an ambitious second film from a director who is just starting out, one who can create both a hilarious and surreal teen erotic comedy AND marry him with a hell of an eye for action sequences,” the review reads. “Josie and PJ may be at the bottom of the food chain, but Sennott and Seligman are anything but.”

“Bottoms” will premiere in theaters on August 25th. Check out the trailer below.