Cannes According to rollerskater Thaïs Coupet

Cannes According to rollerskater Thaïs Coupet

Thaïs Coupet, a native of Cannes, is a professional skater and skating instructor.

He shared with DAY his recommendations for Cannes, insider knowledge of a local, and some of his own experiences.

Coupet can be found on Instagram at: @thaisonwheels

The best deal in Cannes?

For a quick snack during the day, I highly recommend trying my favorite veggie sandwich at Kiosque 4 L’Exocet, near Palm Beach. In the center there is also a good falafel kebab next to Place Gambetta called Aux délices Arménien.

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Favorite meal in Cannes?

I don’t have a favorite meal in Cannes, but I like trying new restaurants. There’s a big business here, so there are always new places to try. You can find many good ones in Rue Hoche, Rue Ménadier and the Suquet.

The most overrated restaurant?

I never go to overrated places so I’m not disappointed. (laughs)

Best place to have a drink after 3am?

Probably a glass of wine or port at my house as I usually go to bed quite early (here the old cat lady).

Place to avoid during the festival?

The entire city! Joke. I would definitely avoid the area around the Palais des Festival. People walk very fast and look like robots. It’s like they don’t even notice you. It’s pretty funny actually.

Your “only in Cannes” moment?

My “only in Cannes” moment is the lunch break on the beach. I don’t think there are many places in France where you can do that. I feel very lucky!

Cannes’ biggest gripe?

The renovations last all year, never end… We hope to have a fantastic skatepark soon, near the Croisette. I’m so excited!

Cannes guilty pleasure?

The “aperoller”, which is a mix between “apéro” and “roller”. No need to go to fancy places, just bring music, skates, food and drink, and then dance on the Croisette.

The most interesting celebrity encounter?

When I was about 10 I met Angelina Jolie at the Miramar theater. My father worked there as a sound engineer. He gave me the biggest hug and I cried my eyes out. I was a huge fan of Lara Croft then. (laughs)

Something visitors must do in Cannes?

If you are coming to Cannes for the first time, I recommend that you wake up early to go to the Forville market to get some local food and then visit the old town in (the) Le Suquet (district) — it’s so romantic!