Cannes: China's Yang Feng directs action drama 'The Coldest City'

Cannes: China’s Yang Feng directs action drama ‘The Coldest City’

Chinese director Yang Feng is directing an action drama The coldest city, produced by Hena Film Culture Media. The Stars Xia Yu (break through, A small red flower), Lee Li Chun (Hello Mister Billionaire, Goodbye loser) and Tan Kai (Detectives versus detectives, War on Drugs).

Beijing-based Blossoms Entertainment shopping The coldest city to the buyers at Cannes. It is part of a somewhat shorter-than-usual list of Chinese commercial films on offer at Marche du Film this year, as the Chinese industry continues to emerge from its isolation during the pandemic period to re-engage with the global film business . The coldest city will be released in China later this year.

The coldest city is set in a freezing city in northeastern China in 1945, a turbulent period in Chinese history after the surrender of the Japanese military. In an unmanned city rampant with underworld forces, the story follows Gu Nian, a classic gunslinger figure who walks alone in a materialistic and shattered old world, struggling to fight for loyalty, honor and promises to his lost friends.

The latest version of Yang is Railway heroeswhich grossed $17 million in China in 2021. Xia, the star of the film, was the youngest actor to win the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival when he won the award in 1994 for his performance in Jiang Wen’s In the heat of the sun.