Cannes: Elena Martín Gimeno's 'Creature' wins Best European Film at Directors' Fortnight

Cannes: Elena Martín Gimeno’s ‘Creature’ wins Best European Film at Directors’ Fortnight

Creaturethe debut work by Spanish director Elena Martín Gimeno, won the Europa Cinemas Label award for best European film in the Directors’ Fortnight section of Cannes 2023. The drama, about a seemingly perfect couple who can no longer have sex, explores the themes of repression and female sexual desire.

Gimeno co-wrote the screenplay for Creature with Clara Roquet and stars in the film alongside Clàudia Dalmau, Clàudia Borràs, Oriol Pla, Alex Brendemühl, Clara Segura, Marc Cartanyà and Carla Linares.

Called the jury of European cinemas Creature a “well-written and impressive portrait of a woman as she tries to come to terms with her sexuality and intimacy while reflecting on her childhood and adolescent experiences. This is a topic that has been covered before, but each character is so multilayered and believable that it’s easy to relate to the film, both female and male characters. There are difficult moments but there is also humor. It is dynamic and well shot. We are confident that this is a film that will touch people across Europe and we welcome the opportunity to foster the career of a very talented director, writer and actress.”

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The European Cinema Label award comes with distribution support for the film, which will now receive additional promotional and marketing incentives for exhibitors in the Europa Cinemas arthouse network to extend the film’s projection on screen. Europa Cinemas represents cinemas in around 744 cities in 38 European countries, with over 3,000 screens.

Creature was produced by Spain’s Vilaüt Films, Lastor Media, Elastica Films, Avalon PC and S/B Films in the United States. The producers are Ariadna Dot, Marta Cruãnas, Tono Folguera, Maria Zamora, Stefan Schmitz, Emilia Fort, Ella Bishop, Pau Suris and Jake Cheetham. Luxbox handles international sales.