Christopher Nolan Says Directing James Bond Film Would Be 'Incredible Privilege'

Christopher Nolan Says Directing James Bond Film Would Be ‘Incredible Privilege’

Christopher Nolan shares his admiration for the James Bond franchise and explains why it would be an “incredible privilege” to direct a 007 film.

Speaking with host Josh Horowitz on a recent episode of Happy Sad Confused podcastsTHE Oppenheimer the director admitted that he would gladly accept the opportunity if presented at the “right time”.

“The influence of those films on my filmography is embarrassingly evident. And so there is no attempt to avoid it. I love movies,” Nolan said. “You know, it would be an incredible privilege to make one.”

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But the director noted that when you approach a character or project like the iconic British spy franchise, “you’re working within a particular set of constraints” and need to approach it with the “right attitude.”

“It has to be the right time in your creative life where you can express what you want to express and really dig into something within the appropriate bounds because you never want to go through something like that and do it wrong,” she added.

Taking on a legendary character would be nothing new for the Oscar-nominated director, as he brought Christian Bale’s Batman to life in the film dark Knight trilogy. But if he was tackling James Bond, Nolan explained that he would need some creative freedom throughout the project.

“You wouldn’t want to tackle a film that isn’t fully committed to what you creatively bring to the table. So as a writer, casting, everything, it’s a complete package,” she said. “You should really be needed, you should really be wanted in terms of bringing the totality of what you bring to a character. Otherwise, I’m very happy to be first in line to see whatever they do.

Nolan previously revealed in a 2017 interview with Playboy that he’s kept in touch with “producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson over the years” and would “definitely” be ready to tackle a film in the blockbuster franchise.

“I deeply love the character and I’m always excited to see what they do with it,” he said at the time. “Maybe one day it would work. You should be needed, if you know what I mean. It has to be reinvented; he needs you. And they are getting along very well.