Craig Mazin is getting a writing credit on 'Dune: Part 2'

Craig Mazin is getting a writing credit on ‘Dune: Part 2’

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Craig Mazin is getting a screenwriting credit for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming film Dune: part 2.

During an appearance in the latest episode of Happy Sad Confused podcastswhich aired on Monday, The Last of Us the co-showrunner revealed that he will receive a writing credit on the screenplay, which was co-written by the director and Jon Spaihts.

Mazin says his involvement in the project came at the behest of Villeneuve himself, as he’s pretty much “out of film business.”

“I will work with certain directors when they call me because I love them and because they are so brilliant,” he explained. “So if Denis Villeneuve calls, then absolutely. I’m there for three to four weeks – a month – to work on what you’re working on.

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He said it came long after the original script and that what he did as a participating writer is the kind of work that was “uncredited”.

“You come in, do some work and then you leave,” he says. “Once you couldn’t even tell. But now they have this additional literature (credit).”

Effective January 1, 2022, the credit became available to writers who “rendered WGA-covered writing services on theatrical features not receiving writing credit.” according to the guild. The names of these writers will now appear during a film’s credits and in industry databases. 73% of voting members supported the credit, with votes due to take place in November 2021.

During the podcast, Mazin, who may have let slip how many episodes The Last of Us season two will feature — he also talked about why television now sometimes takes up to two years to make eight episodes versus the 10 months it takes to make 20+ episodes.

“The answer is visual effects. The more we use VFX to flesh out worlds and make them look spectacular, the longer it takes,” he said. “There is a dire shortage of VFX artists. VFX companies are overworked, overworked. still doing a lot – I won’t mention their names – but they used a lot of VFX The pipeline has been clogged to the point where everything takes a lot longer to get done.