Deadpool's treasure hunt returns to Comic-Con

Deadpool’s treasure hunt returns to Comic-Con

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In a year of panels being cleared left and right at San Diego Comic-Con, one regular feature is going on: Rob Liefeld’s Deadpool scavenger hunt.

The comic creator has made four Deadpool-Wolverine-themed sketches and will one day hide the sketches, offering clues via social media as to where to find them in San Diego. Liefeld held the first Deadpool scavenger hunt in 2015, the first year Dead Pool the film brought its debut trailer to Hall H.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate the comic book origins of these characters,” says Liefeld of this year’s Back to Basics Comic-Con.

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Unlike in years past, there will be no major comic book movie or TV appearances at Comic-Con, as the dual writers’ strike and actors’ strike will prevent the regular parade of A-list stars from descending on San Diego. Deadpool 3, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, is among many Hollywood productions shut down last week due to the strike.

But Comic-Con attendance is still expected to reach 150,000 people, with hundreds of panels still focusing on comics and other topics unaffected by the strike.

Liefeld had previously reached out to his family about hiding the Deadpool sketches, but people have started to recognize them, so this year, Liefeld will be employing some anonymous helpers to hide his work.

Original art by an artist like Liefeld is worth money, particularly in an age where the art market is hot. But the artist says he hasn’t seen sketches from years past for sale online very often.

“People generally keep them, but I don’t care what people do with them,” says Liefeld. “Once they’re yours, they’re yours.”

Check out one of the sketches below, shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

Deadpool Wolverine Sketchv

Courtesy of Rob Liefeld