Dear Producer recipients

Dear Producer Awards $200,000 to Indie Producers of ‘Navalny’, ‘We’re All Going to the World’s Fair’ & More

Dear Producer, founded by producer Rebecca Green, has announced the four recipients of its 2023 Dear Producer Award, now in its second year. IndieWire shares recipients exclusively below.

Each producer will receive a $50,000 unlimited grant, participate in a retreat focused on rest and community building, and commit to mentoring an up-and-coming producer for one year. This award is part of Dear Producer’s ongoing effort to amplify the role of the producer and equip the independent film community with the resources to build a more sustainable future.

The Dear Producer Award is sponsored by Facet, founded by Maida Lynn, which embraces creative non-fiction cinema by visionary artists.

Green underscored the timeliness of this award in a statement shared with IndieWire: “With the WGA strike ongoing, producers face the stark reminder that, unlike their collaborators, producers have no minimum wage protections, health or pension benefits.” or residue”.

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A Survey on the sustainability of producerscommissioned by Dear Producer who surveyed over 550 producers, revealed that in 2019, 41% of producers earned $25,000 or less from production with over 80% of producers having to defer production quota on at least one project, with nearly 50 percent deferring their stake on multiple projects.

“I am amazed that producers are honored with this award who, despite the financial obstacles and personal sacrifices required of them, continue to create inspiring and original films that push the boundaries of storytelling,” said Lynn.

Award recipients I am:

  • Diane Becker (“Navalny”, “King Coal”, “Tina”)
  • Kellen Quinn (“A Still Small Voice”, “Time”, “Midnight Family”)
  • Sarah S. Kim (“I Was a Simple Man”, “August at Akiko’s”, “Crossings”)
  • Sarah Winshall (“Give Me Pity”, “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair”, “Strawberry Mansion”)

Dear Producer is a digital platform created to give independent producers a voice and provide resources to build a more sustainable future for the independent film community. Founded by producer Rebecca Green in 2018, Dear Producer has quickly become a premier destination for both established and emerging producers to learn about their craft, mentor new voices, and build community.