(L-R) Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer'

Digitally censored Florence Pugh topless scene in “Oppenheimer” (with CGI black dress) in Middle East, India

Christopher Nolan may be known for his aversion to CGI. But when it comes to bowing to the sensitivity of some countries, it would seem irrelevant.

In his historical epic Oppenheimera scene in which a topless Florence Pugh fell foul of censorship in the Middle East and India, with the actress — who plays Jean Tatlock (who is in a relationship with Cillian Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer) — covered in a black CGI dress.

Rather than cutting out the scene in question, sources close to the film say a “soft base” version, featuring Pugh digitally dressed, was used to secure a release across the Middle East, where nudity is banned in cinemas, and India, where the film has a UA rating, meaning it’s rated for moviegoers with parental guidance for children under 12.

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According to sources, the changes were made “as per normal commercial practice” for the film’s release in certain territories.

Oppenheimer it’s not the first time a computer-generated black suit has been used to cover exposed skin in Hollywood.

Academy Award for Asghar Farhahi The seller at the 2017 Academy Awards it was proudly triumphed by Iranian state TV. However, the Iranian Labor News Agency broadcast featured presenter Charlize Theron’s Christian Dior gold lamé outfitted with black CGI sleeves and a collar to hide her arms and cleavage. Unfortunately, viewers noticed that the rather blurry digital wardrobe additions didn’t move consistently with the actor.