Paul Dano in "Dumb Money"

“Dumb Money” Trailer: Paul Dano and Seth Rogen Going to Get Rich Quick in GameStop True Story

There is no dumb luck when it comes to good money.

“Dumb Money” is based on the book “The Antisocial Network” by Ben Mezrich, which charts the brief 2021 GameStop squeeze that changed Wall Street forever. Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum adapted the book. Craig Gillespie (“Me, Tonya,” “Pam and Tommy”) directs the film adaptation, starring Seth Rogen, Sebastian Stan, Pete Davidson, Paul Dano, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dane DeHaan, Shailene Woodley and Anthony Ramos.

“The Batman” alum Dano plays real-life YouTuber Keith Gill. Rogen, meanwhile, plays the head of investment firm Melvin Capital, Gabe Plotkin, who tries to understand the reason behind his great financial loss.

rogen said Vanity Fair that the stock market is “deliberately twisted” as it is “designed to keep people out of it”. The fascinating true story behind “Dumb Money” essentially democratized the stock market for the average American.

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“The price of admission is to understand this completely bizarre system. It’s so difficult! I could You explain to me, conceptually, what is stock shorting and why does it exist? Rogen said. “I still have a hard time understanding it. And I think that’s the point.

The ‘The Fabelmans’ actor shared the trailer on Instagramcaptioning of his latest project, “I got to work on this movie with some friends and it came out fucking awesome and it actually kind of got me figuring out the actions a little bit!”

Screenwriters Angelo and Blum, along with Mezrich, John Friedberg, Michael Heimler, Johnny Holland, Andrew Swett, Kevin Ulrich, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss (yes, those Winklevoss twins) are the executive producers of “Dumb Money”. Of note, the Winklevoss twins were portrayed by Armie Hammer in David Fincher’s “The Social Network” as a founding member of Facebook while at Harvard University.

“Dumb Money” will premiere in theaters on September 22nd. Check out the trailer below.