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Elliot Page: The A-list actor said ‘I’m going to fuck you to show you’re not gay’

Elliot Page is raising the curtain on homophobia in Hollywood.

Page, who came out as trans in 2020 after identifying as a lesbian, detailed a 2014 verbal assault by an unnamed male actor in her memoir, “Pageboy.” As part of a chapter entitled “Famous Asshole at Party”, as excerpted from People magazine, Page wrote that he was at a birthday party in Los Angeles where an “acquaintance” questioned his sexuality.

“You are not gay. That doesn’t exist. You’re just scared of men,” the actor told Page, adding, “I’m going to fuck you to let you know you’re not gay.

Page recalled seeing the male actor at the gym a few days later, where he said, “I have no problem with gay people, I swear.”

The “Juno” actor added, “I’ve had a version of this happen to me many times in my life. Many queer and trans people deal with it incessantly. These moments we like we often don’t talk about or we should just ignore them, when in reality it’s really awful. I put that story in the book because it’s about highlighting reality, the shit we’re dealing with and what’s being sent to us constantly, particularly in predominantly cis and heterosexual environments. How we navigate that world where you have more extreme and overt moments like that. Or you have the most, like, subtle jokes.

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Page continued, “(In Hollywood) these are very powerful people. They are the ones who choose what stories are told and create content that people can see around the world.”

He summed up: “I am purposely not sharing his name. But she will find out about it and know that it is him.

Page recently spoke about feeling like he didn’t “exist” before the transition.

“I realize that I look different from people who have known me before, but I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, there’s that person that I’ve seen but never thought I’d actually see.’ Sometimes it takes me by surprise,” Page said. “A friend will just take a picture and then I glimpse it, and it just sends this electric thrill through my body, this sort of spark. Why it’s fun: Seeing something new , but also not.

He concluded, “I feel like I barely made it in a lot of ways.”