Ezra Miller at "The Flash" premiere

Ezra Miller says he was “unfairly and directly targeted” amid allegations of abuse

Ezra Miller is facing the multiple allegations of abuse against them.

The ‘Flash’ actor, who identifies as non-binary and uses their pronouns, took to Instagram to react to the lifting of a temporary harassment order in Massachusetts District Court Greenfield. Miller was accused of abusing a 12-year-old non-binary boy; the harassment order was filed by Shannon Guin in June 2022, but no criminal charges were filed against Miller.

“I am encouraged by today’s outcome and very grateful at this time to everyone who stood by me and tried to ensure that this serious misuse of the protective order system was stopped,” Miller wrote in response to the revocation of the order. harassment order. “I have been unjustly and directly targeted by an individual who has been proven by the facts to have a history of such manipulative and destructive action.”

Miller continued, “Orders of protection are intended to provide safety for individuals, families and children who are in danger. They are not meant to be weaponized by those seeking attention or fleeting tabloid fame or some sort of personal vendetta when there are people who are in very dire need of these services.

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The star added, “I implore those members of the media who have recklessly spread false claims and have failed to accurately report the truth and context of this story to hold themselves to a higher standard and take the time to find the facts, rather than chasing clicks.”

Miller shared that they are doing their “best” to “preserve their own well-being” as they work to “reverse the collateral damage” of the allegations.

Miller’s attorney Marissa Elkins also shared a statement.

“Frustratingly for Ezra, Guin made his false allegations at a time when Ezra was struggling with serious mental health issues and was unable to appear in court to defend himself against the false claims made by this individual,” she wrote. Elkins. “Had Ezra been able to appear in court last year and share the truth about their very limited interactions with Ms. Guin, I am confident the original order would never have been issued.”

A similar molestation order against Miller was filed by the parents of non-binary teenager Tokata Iron Eyes in North Dakota. The parents later withdrew their plea, and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court rejected the molestation order.

Among the many allegations against Miller, Warner Bros. Discovery stood by the DCU star. The release date for ‘The Flash’ was never going to be changed, according to director Andy Muschietti, and Miller won’t be recast in an upcoming sequel.

Miller issued an apology statement in 2022 and announced they were seeking mental health treatment. The actor later thanked the Warner Bros. Discovery team for treating them with “grace” over the past two years, particularly crediting the “dynamic duo” DC co-CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn “for the grace, discernment and healing in the context of my life and bring this moment of action to fruition”.