Funko Expands Custom, Buildable Figures With Pop!  Yourself

Funko Expands Custom, Buildable Figures With Pop! Yourself

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For years, Funko has been making vinyl figures of everything in pop culture, from movies and shows featuring the biggest fandoms to random and forgotten relics. Sports personalities received the Pop! treatment and so are some directors.

In late 2020, the company launched a small program that allowed its customers to create figures of themselves or loved ones, but only as an in-person experience at its two physical locations: Funko HQ in Everett, in Washington state, and Funko Hollywood in Los Angeles.

That program has proved so successful that the company is bringing it to the mass market. Funko keeps it as an in-store experience but is now expanding it to the online world as well, calling the initiative Pop! Yourself.

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The announcement of the Pop! Yourself! the line was made on Monday during Funko’s licensing expo summit in Las Vegas. The launch is intended to highlight the 25th anniversary of the company, which seeks to bring a minimum of innovation to the consumer products market and make collecting more personal.

“Pop! Yourselves have been our hidden gem,” said Dave Bere, vp of branding and marketing at Funko in a statement. “It’s the number one item in our retail stores for the past two years and to this day accounts for 20 percent of our in-store sales. It’s clear our fans love POP! Offering of yourself, which is why we’re excited to bring it to the mass market.

But wait, that’s not all. Funko has also enlisted licensing partners in the program, which will now allow fans to style themselves as their favorite pop culture character. While the company hasn’t announced its partners yet, it theoretically allows a person to wear a cape and hood, maybe have mermaid fins, or look like their favorite vampire.

“Pop! Yourself is a game changer for the brand going forward as it really puts our customers at the heart of it,” says CEO Brian Mariotti. “It’s pop culture personalized to you, your family and loved ones. Not only will you be able to become a POP!, but there will be millions of combinations of interchangeable accessories representing all fandoms, so your POP! it is a true reflection of YOU, no matter how your interests evolve over time.

The program will launch in the third quarter of this year via and in person at Funko Hollywood and Funko Everett. The Custom Pop! it will retail for $30.

Check out the hilarious, celebrity-filled video below.