George Clooney backs SAG-AFTRA strike: 'This is a game changer'

George Clooney backs SAG-AFTRA strike: ‘This is a game changer’

Hollywood megastar George Clooney has spoken out in support of SAG-AFTRA and its 160,000 members as the artists’ union participates in pickets.

“This is a game changer in our industry,” Clooney said in a brief statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

“For our industry to survive, things have to change. For actors, that journey begins now,” he added as the actors union goes on strike after failing to reach a new deal with studios and streamers.

SAG-AFTRA members join members of the Writers Guild of America, who have been on strike since early May, in the first double strike in Hollywood since 1960, which appears to largely shut down the motion picture and TV business.

Clooney added in his statement that “actors and writers in large numbers have lost the ability to make a living.”

The Academy Award-winning actor, director and producer made it big with his role on the hit NBC TV series AND before appearing in films such as Out of sight; O brother, where are you?; THE Of the ocean franchise; Syrian; Michael Clayton; Up in the air; The descendants; Severity; AND Ticket to heaven.

His directing work includes Confessions of a dangerous mind; Good night and good luck; AND The offer bar as well as The Ides of March, Monuments Men, Suburbicon AND The midnight skyacting and writing the last four.