How Ken Jeong Prepared to Play Publicist in Charlie Day's 'Fool's Paradise'

How Ken Jeong Prepared to Play Publicist in Charlie Day’s ‘Fool’s Paradise’

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Ken Jeong put his Lede publicity team to work not only promoting the new film A fool’s paradise but also research-wise as he prepared for his role as publicist for lead character Charlie Day, an overnight Hollywood star.

“I asked for some personal experiences and they taught me some techniques,” Jeong said DAY at the film’s premiere May 9 in Los Angeles. “There was a scene on the red carpet in the movie where the whole cast from the movie within the movie gets together and I’m in shot, in shot, and I was acting like a publicist” – as she checked her shoulder for approval by Representative Michelle Margolis, who confirmed.

Classic moves included denying he was in the background of celebrity interviews while clearly visible and giving the “wrap it” hand gesture often used for interviews that go long. “I’ve learned all the pointers,” she promised her. “I could be an assistant to my publicist. I’m so good.

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