Jason Sudeikis jokes Owen Wilson once told him he'd be curious to see what he looked like if he'd 'taken care' of himself

Jason Sudeikis jokes Owen Wilson once told him he’d be curious to see what he looked like if he’d ‘taken care’ of himself

Jason Sudeikis recently recalled a playful conversation he had with Owen Wilson while they were on the set of Sala Pass.

During production of the 2011 comedy, which also starred Steve Merchant, JB Smoove and Larry Joe Campbell, the actors were filming a scene in a sports bar where they ate wings and talked.

“It was my first time in a big studio film, as the lead, Owen and I are on the poster type,” Sudeikis said during an appearance in The hot ones. “We go around and we go around like all people around the thing. You know, you have to keep moving the camera if you have the time and money, which they usually do for studio films.

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She continues, “There were hot wings — they weren’t that hot,” she jokes as she appears to be visibly grappling with the wing she just ate on the YouTube series. “So we’re eating these wings and I’m eating them while the camera is on Owen.”

THE Ted Lasso the star and co-creator explained that because it was his first major feature film, he hadn’t developed a method of pretend eating on screen, as actors are told not to actually eat prop food on camera.

After filming the scene, Wilson walked over to the We are the Millers star and said he wondered what the actor would look like if he watched what he ate and exercised.

“At one point, I’m eating them, and he’s like, ‘Damn, so you put something in your body, huh?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah,’” Sudeikis said, laughing. “He Says, ‘I’d be so curious to know what you look like if you really exercised and took care of yourself.'”