Jeremy Strong actually drank Kendall’s ‘Meal Fit for a King’: ‘I walked out and gagged’

Editor’s Note: The following story contains spoilers for the “Succession” ending.

It has been well documented that Jeremy Strong went all out for his legendary role as Kendall Roy in “Succession,” often staying in character for extended periods of time in an effort to blend his own personality with the character. The process allowed him to experience Kendall’s highest peaks and, far more frequently, her lowest lows.

A viral scene in the finale of “Succession” fell somewhere between the two extremes. When Roman and Shiv Roy tentatively agree to name Kendall CEO of Waystar Royco to block Lukas Mattson’s takeover bid, he finally gets the crown he’s chased his whole life. After four seasons of constant infighting between the three Roy children, the temporary reprieve looks like revenge for all of Kendall’s nefarious scheming. As he prepares for the following day’s board meeting, he seems closer than ever to the job he’s craved since he was seven.

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But his siblings won’t support him until he’s eaten a “meal fit for a king” – a disgusting smoothie made up of random ingredients from their mother’s refrigerator including raw eggs, tabasco sauce, and expired pickles.

In a predictable turn of events, Kendall’s desire to be CEO outweighs her disgust. He drinks all the vile concoction he can handle before Roman dumps the rest on his head. In an even more predictable turn of events, Strong was determined to avoid cutting corners.

Appearing on Podcast “Succession”. after the finale, Strong revealed that the smoothie was indeed made from the disgusting ingredients audiences have seen on the show. Strong said he drank the concoction, but he could only take a few takes before his stomach gave out.

“We only did it a few times and I went out and threw up and jumped in the ocean and washed it out of my hair,” Strong said. “And yes, I drank it. I don’t know how not to drink it. He wants it so bad that he’ll drink whatever it is, right, but he was disgusting.