John Boyega says he's "open" to returning to the "Star Wars" universe.

John Boyega says he’s “open” to returning to the “Star Wars” universe.

John Boyega is opening up on Star Wars universe and if he would be interested in returning for another film.

His comments come years after he previously spoke about the treatment of black characters in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker and accused Disney of capitalizing on their casting before shelving their characters in the story.

“It was a few years ago, so they were the subject of that particular project,” Boyega recently said Tech Radar, in an interview conducted before the actors’ strike. “But I’m open to all characters and scripts that are fun and have a great cast and a great director. So yes, I’m open to all opportunities.

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During a September 2020 interview with British GQ magazineThe actor, who played Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter Finn, shared his thoughts on his once-prominent character in The force awakens being “pushed aside” inside The Rise of Skywalker.

“You get involved in projects and you’re not necessarily going to like everything,” she said at the time. “(But) what I would say to Disney is don’t bring out a black character, market him to be much more important in the franchise than he is, and then push him to the side. It’s not good. I will say it plainly.

Boyega also stated that his fellow white lead actors’ characters weren’t as affected by the film’s plot as his own was.

“You knew what to do with these other people, but when it came to Kelly Marie Tran, when it came to John Boyega, you know shit,” she said. “They gave all the shades to Adam Driver, all the shades to Daisy Ridley. Let’s tell the truth. Daisy knows. Adam knows. Everybody knows. I’m not exposing anything.

Earlier this year, during an interview with London TimesBoyega reflected on his Star Wars experience as a whole and noted that he now feels “comfortable” with his character Finn.

“For me Star Wars made the man, in a way,” he said. “Experiences, the funny times, the good times, the bad times, the bad times, make you who you are as you navigate the industry, and that was definitely Interesting.”