John Boyega says 'They Clone Tyrone' co-star Jamie Foxx 'assured me he's fine'

John Boyega says ‘They Clone Tyrone’ co-star Jamie Foxx ‘assured me he’s fine’

By Netflix They cloned Tyrone follows John Boyega’s Fontaine, Jamie Foxx’s Slick Charles and Teyonah Parris’ Yo-Yo as they solve a murder that causes them to peel away the layers of a larger problem in their community.

At the film’s premiere on Tuesday, Boyega and Parris pulled up in a convertible before hitting the carpet, where the stars provided an update on their trio’s missing part, as Foxx continues to recover from a medical complication he’s been experiencing at the beginning of this year.

“I spoke to him recently and he just wished me luck with the press tour, and he assured me he’s okay,” Boyega said. “It’s all love.”

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Parris added that she felt Foxx was doing “really well” and “I’m glad he’s taking the time he needs to heal in whatever way that’s for him.”

In April, Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx announced that the actor “had suffered a medical complication” but was “already on the mend,” later claiming he had left the hospital and was continuing to heal. Foxx, who was filming the Netflix movie Back in action in Atlanta at the time, she has not made a public appearance or spoken directly since news of her medical problem broke.

Though Foxx wasn’t physically present at the premiere, those involved with the film spoke highly of him and shared some of their favorite stories on set. “Jamie is a phenomenal actor, a great friend and confidant and, at the same time, the best OG you know and there for guidance,” Boyega said. “There was not a dull moment.” J. Alphonse Nicholson, who plays Fontaine’s collaborator turned enemy Isaac in the film, said his favorite memory of Foxx was “seeing him train, just having fun, but also staying so focused.”

They cloned Tyrone is set in an ambiguous time period and is a mystery fantasy thriller, with comedic reliefs and blaxploitation references throughout. Blaxploitation is a genre of African-American film that tackles difficult subjects, including drug use, violence and black empowerment – a theme Parris said his character, who takes charge of the mysterious case, is on a par since art reflects life. “You know, Black women coming in, they save the day, that’s nothing new,” she noted.

The film’s complex storyline is what producer Stephen Love called difficult “having to marry together perfectly and still have an overarching story that got people where we wanted them to be,” he explained. “Indoctrination, mind control, all of these things — they’re in there, but it’s so deeply buried and woven into the fabric of all things gender that you can just enjoy it.”

They cloned Tyrone will be released in theaters on July 14 and will debut on Netflix on July 21.