John Landis at the 2017 Venice Film Festival

John Landis says Hollywood is in a ‘pathetic’ state: ‘Streamers really are the bad guys’

John Landis is looking for a Hollywood savior.

The legendary comedy director told Expiration during the Taormina Film Festival that the film industry is “in chaos” between the WGA strike and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on cinemas.

“Do you know this is the first time in Hollywood history that the Directors Guild, Writers Guild and IA are all united?” said Landis. “The film industry is in shambles and I hope audiences return to theaters.”

The Writers Guild is still on hold from work due to fair wage negotiations. The Directors Guild reached an agreement with the AMPTP to avoid a strike; however, SAG contract negotiations are still ongoing.

The “Trading Places” director continued, “The feeling is really grief over the pathetic state the company is in. You know, between streaming and the pandemic, it’s been like a stake in the heart. It really hurts the business and continues to do so. And now there is a strike. Streamers really are the bad guys.

Landis added that streaming platforms take away from the overall film experience.

“Movies need to be seen in a big house, in a movie theater, in a big theater, on a big screen, with good sound and as many people as possible because it’s a common experience,” said the director of ‘Animal House’ .

Due to the current WGA strike, “everything is in a kind of limbo” with Landis’ upcoming personal projects despite being “desperate to work”. Landis has confirmed an upcoming Broadway show, as well as two feature films and a TV series in the works.