Johnny Knoxville at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards

Johnny Knoxville Admits ‘Jackass’ Cast Was Once ‘Uninsurable’ After MTV Series

Johnny Knoxville may have led a successful franchise, but the actor was deemed “uninsurable” due to the intense stunt work behind “Jackass.”

During a recent Vanity Fair lie detector test video, Knoxville was asked if it was an insurance agent’s worst nightmare, to which she replied, “No, does it ring true?” Once the lie detector administrator confirmed that Knoxville had lied, he said, “OK, you got me, I am.”

Knoxville continued, “By the end of the ‘Jackass’ TV show, I think, we lost all of our insurance. So that wasn’t great. I think we weren’t insurable at that point.”

The ‘Reboot’ actor has led the ‘Jackass’ franchise for two decades since the inception of the MTV franchise, starring in the film’s latest installment, ‘Jackass Forever,’ last year.

Knoxville told IndieWire in 2022 that a dangerous stunt had to be cut from the Paramount film due to insurance issues. “There was something in this movie that we wanted to do that we weren’t allowed to do because it was going to be a $10 million franchise,” Knoxville said. “I can’t really tell you what it was. We may do it one day. But it was surgery that no one needs.

She added: “My pain tolerance is probably not that different from other people. It’s my damn tolerance that’s so low. I know we need footage, and I’m not in much contact with my body, so it works really well together. The producer in me always trumps the performer’s side.