Jordana Brewster on her 'Fast & Furious' stunts: 'It's like a badge of honor'

Jordana Brewster on her ‘Fast & Furious’ stunts: ‘It’s like a badge of honor’

Jordana Brewster details what she enjoys most about doing her own stunts in the Fast & Furious franchise.

During an interview with Yahoo lifePosted online Friday, the actress initially recalled learning about “discipline and maintenance” as a teenager when her mother, Brazilian model Maria João, first introduced her to fitness.

Throughout her career, Brewster has admitted that she’s been pressured to conform to Hollywood’s beauty standards, but that she now credits her multicultural upbringing for helping her surpass them. She added, “I’ve always loved being strong.”

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And that strength and mindset is what allowed her to push herself into the Fast & Furious film, where she starred as Mia Toretto for more than two decades.

“The more physical it is, the more fun it is for me,” she said of her performance and stunts. “When you work with a stunt team, it’s almost like working with a dance troupe. It’s so meticulously choreographed and planned. … To be able to be healthy enough to get the choreography and do it myself instead of someone doing it for me, it’s like a badge of honor in a way. I want to keep doing it.

Brewster, who made her debut as Mia in 2001 The fast and the furiousshe also opened up about the joy of being able to watch her fellow cast members grow with their characters throughout the films.

“When I see, like, the OG Fast & Furious. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, we look very different.’ But in a really great way, you know, because we’re evolving,” she explained. Their stories are much, much richer.So it shouldn’t just be about, you know, how you look.

Brewster stars in the latest film, Fast Xcurrently playing in theaters.