Kel Mitchell Is All Smiles at ‘Good Burger 2’ NY Premiere After Health Scare: “We’re Going to Keep Going”

Kel Mitchell Is All Smiles at ‘Good Burger 2’ NY Premiere After Health Scare: “We’re Going to Keep Going”

Kel Mitchell was all smiles at the Good Burger 2 premiere in New York on Monday night, just days after he experienced a “genuinely frightening” medical incident.

The actor seemed to be in good spirits at the Regal Union Square event, where he was accompanied by wife Asia Lee-Mitchell and their children, with Kel and Asia carrying their excited kids down the carpet.

Later, when Mitchell’s longtime onscreen collaborator and Good Burger 2 co-star Kenan Thompson arrived, one of Mitchell’s kids ran straight to Thompson, who gave the child a hug.

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Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, holding one of Mitchell's kids, at the 'Good Burger 2' NY premiere

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, holding one of Mitchell’s kids, at the Good Burger 2 NY premiere

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter before the screening of the Paramount+ sequel, Mitchell insisted he’s “good,” something he’s said multiple times since the health scare.

But he also shared some perspective on the incident and indicated that he was happily persevering.

“God is good. Sometimes things hit you in life and you just have to adjust,” he told THR. “I’m feeling good. I’m feeling great, and we’re going to keep going.”

Mitchell last Thursday posted on social media that he was recovering from a medical incident.

“Grateful for the flood of prayers and positive vibes that surrounded me during a genuinely frightening time,” the actor wrote on Instagram. “The scare was real, but so was the support. With the grace of God and the skill of the medical team, I’m now on the road to recovery at home, embraced by the love of my family Your kindness has been a lifeline, and I can’t thank you each enough. Much love to each of you.”

Over the weekend, Mitchell posted a video to Instagram in which he revealed more about what happened.

“I was out shopping when suddenly the whole room started spinning,” he explained. “So, I was like, ‘I must be dehydrated so I need to go get some water, some food.’ When I did that, the whole right side of my arm and my leg was numb, followed by me not being able to swallow. And that’s when I panicked.”

He then drove himself to the hospital where he ultimately found out his symptoms were due to “a bulging disc that I had from a prior injury that was pressing up against a nerve.”

Good Burger 2, which starts streaming on Nov. 22, sees Mitchell’s Ed and Thompson’s Dexter reunite at the eponymous fast food restaurant where they try to help Good Burger and its parent company’s plans to grow the brand, even encountering the timely theme of the parent company looking to replace Good Burger employees with robots. Phil Traill directed from a script by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert. The film is a sequel to the 1997 Paramount movie Good Burger, based on the comedy series that first ran on Nickelodeon’s All That in the 1990s.