Kelsey Grammer says ‘Frasier’ reboot is form of ‘ministry’: ‘He’s trying to spread the good word’

For Kelsey Grammer, bringing Frasier Crane back to Boston in an upcoming Paramount+ series is more than just an opportunity to revive an iconic character. It is a spiritual calling.

In a new interview with The independentGrammer opened up about the impact playing Frasier Crane on nine seasons of ‘Cheers’ and 11 seasons of ‘Frasier’ has had on his life. He said he’s always tried to use the character to promote virtue and morality, something he hopes the next batch of episodes will continue to do.

“The ethics of ‘Frasier’ – the study of the good, shall we say – were important to us,” Grammer said. “It felt important to everyone involved in the original one, and it’s remained important in the show today.”

He took it a step further by saying that playing the pretentious psychiatrist is a form of ministry for him, as he sees the character as an opportunity to spread his values ​​to the world.

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“’Frasier’ has been my ministry, you could say,” he said. “He’s trying to spread the good word, to put some love into the world – and tolerance, real tolerance. These are powerful words, but most people use them to manipulate. I think tolerance is a beautiful, beautiful concept. Not particularly accomplished in behavior in our country, but still a good goal “.

When asked about the details of the upcoming Paramount+ reboot, Grammer maintained his stance that it’s less a continuation of “Frasier” than a third one-off show about the character Frasier Crane.

“This isn’t really a spin-off,” he said. “It’s more of a third act, or a fourth act. A spin-off of a spin-off.”

Grammer also praised some of the new cast members and hinted that he thinks the new show has the potential to meet — or even exceed — the standard set by “Frasier” and “Cheers.”

“At first, you pick these people, you’ve never seen them before,” she said. “And boy, halfway through the second show, I was like, ‘Son of a gun. He’s actually doing it. He’s like Frasier’s son. Oh.’ So I think it’s going to be a great discovery for people. There are some new people on the show to really fall in love with, and it could probably be more fun too.