‘Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie’ Trailer Teases Tony Shalhoub’s Return in Pandemic-Affected World

‘Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie’ Trailer Teases Tony Shalhoub’s Return in Pandemic-Affected World

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Monk is back. Only this time, the rest of the world cares about germs as much as he does.

Peacock released the trailer for Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie on Wednesday, teasing Tony Shalhoub‘s return as one of his most beloved and popular characters. The first look teases how much the world has — and hasn’t — changed for Adrian Monk, the Andy Breckman-created detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Adrian Monk, for a while there, you were solving a major case every week,” one man, played by James Purefoy and surrounded by Monk and his team, tells the detective. “I couldn’t have done it alone,” he responds, with an addendum. “Well, I could have, but it would have taken longer.”

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Back in action, Monk and his team — including Ted Levine’s Leland Stottlemeyer; Traylor Howard’s Natalie Teeger; and Jason Gray-Stanford’s Randy are ready to take on their last case, if Monk can just get over his second (or fourth) biggest fear of heights, which follows his biggest fear — germs.


“I have traumatic symptoms unprecedented in psychiatric history,” Monk says while counting his pills in a block formation and opening his bathroom medicine cabinet.

Just as he did for eight seasons of his Emmy-winning show, the detective will attempt to put it all aside to find a killer after his stepdaughter Molly’s (Caitlin McGee) fiancé dies in a bungee jumping accident she believes was less an accident and more a murder.

While it’s seemingly just another case for the famed detective, this time around, he’ll have to grapple with carrying out his investigation a new world — one just globally affected by the COVID pandemic that now cares about germs just as much as him. “Everybody’s you,” says Molly, before Monk responds, “They’re gonna hate it.”

Along with much of the show’s core cast, Melora Hardin is returning as Monk’s late wife Trudy, alongside Hector Elizondo as Monk’s therapist Dr. Neven Bell.

Mr. Monk’s Last Case is written and executive produced by series creator Breckman, with Zisk as director and EP. Shalhoub and David Hoberman also executive produce the film from UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group,

In a statement, Breckman noted how the world has changed mightily since his beloved character last appeared nearly a decade and half ago in the show’s 2009 series finale.

“We’re so delighted to have made a movie version of Monk, and we are thrilled that every one of our stars were so enthusiastic about coming back,” he said. “But in coming back, we wanted to do a film that was worthy of our legacy. Mr. Monk’s Last Case is a story that is powerful, emotional, funny, heartwarming and has something to say about the human condition. And it will be both familiar and surprising.”

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie releases on Peacock Dec. 8.