Oscar Isaac Wishes Pedro Pascal Joins 'Spider-Verse' As 'Cranky, Old Spider-Person'

Oscar Isaac Wishes Pedro Pascal Joins ‘Spider-Verse’ As ‘Cranky, Old Spider-Person’

Oscar Isaac knows exactly who he wants to star as a character and voice in the next one Spider-Verse movie.

When asked during a recent interview with British HQ who he would like to see join the cast for the next film, the actor said that while the production is “brilliant at finding the right person for the right character,” he would suggest his friend and The Last of Us protagonist Pedro Pascal.

“Let’s find something for him,” added Isaac, who voices Miguel O’Hara in the latest animated film in the series, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse. “He’s supposed to be a spider person, like a cranky old spider person.”

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Earlier this year, Pascal said Wired who met Isaac when they were performing together in 2005. She added, “An off-Broadway show where we were getting $500 a week, excluding tax.”

The two have been friends ever since, also starring in 2019 Triple border Together. The Mandalorian the actor recalled one of his favorite memories from their friendship during the January interview, saying, “There are so many. He is so bad.

He continued, “His level of onstage nastiness during that play, for example. He played a ghost, which meant that the living characters in the story couldn’t see him. I had to shoot my scenes, and he would physically be there, but because my character couldn’t see him, he could fuck with me, all in front of a live audience, as much as he wanted, trying to break me down or forget my lines. The memory is both dark and wonderful.

Pascal also said earlier Squire that the duo initially bonded because “we have very similar backgrounds”.

“We’re both children of Latino immigrants, so there’s a sort of cultural familiarity, so at the same time we’re both actors,” she said during the April 2022 interview. “We have the same dreams.”

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse it is currently playing in theaters.