Patrick Wilson in "Watchmen"

Patrick Wilson: Zack Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’ Is the Only Film of My Own I’ve Reviewed ‘Front to Back’

Patrick Wilson has only been seen in “Watchmen” on screen.

The ‘Insidious: The Red Door’ actor, who makes his directorial debut with the installment of the horror franchise, has revealed that Zack Snyder’s 2009 film is the only film he’s starred in that he’s seen from his side. Before.

“(It’s) the only film of mine that I’ve seen from start to finish since the premiere,” Wilson said on the “ReelBlend” podcast. “I just wanted to see him as an older guy, like a director.”

Wilson starred alongside Malin Akerman, Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Carla Gugino in the Alan Moore graphic novel adaptation. The film received mixed reviews and the source material was later reimagined by Damon Lindelof as an HBO series in 2019.

However, Wilson supports Snyder’s interpretation.

“I knew Zack was ahead of the curve,” he said. “It’s strange to say that audiences weren’t ready for this. But you need such a film. You need the movies to get so dark that then ‘Avengers’ can get so light. I believe it.

Wilson added, “I’d love to do that movie now. It would be so awesome to just do it now.

Director Snyder previously told Uproxx in 2021 that he would “consider” revisiting the film again.

“By the way, I love ‘Watchmen.’ I have no regrets. I love that movie 100 percent,” Snyder said. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

“Watchmen” creator Moore called out the HBO series, saying the project was “destroying” the original content of the graphic novel.

“I returned with a very curt and probably hostile response telling him that I thought Warner Brothers knew that they, or any of their employees, should not contact me again for any reason,” Moore said after receiving a letter from showrunner Lindelof. “I explained that I had disowned the work in question, and in part because the film and comics industries seemed to have created things that had nothing to do with my work, but would be associated with it in the public mind . I said, ‘Look, this is embarrassing for me. I want nothing to do with you or your show. Please don’t bother me again.’”