Pom Klementieff

Pom Klementieff Says Tom Cruise Got Her Into Skydiving: ‘I Love The Run’

When “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part I” hits theaters next weekend, action movie lovers will have another chance to see Tom Cruise risking life and limb for their entertainment. The actor’s commitment to practical stunts reached new heights when he rode a motorcycle off a cliff for the latest film, and he’s made it clear that he doesn’t intend to lessen the danger any time soon.

While Cruise has always insisted that his risk-taking is rooted in his passion for keeping theatrical cinema alive, there’s no denying the man loves adrenaline – and it seems his thrill-seeking behavior has rubbed off some of his co-stars.

In a new interview with New York Times“Dead Reckoning” star Pom Klementieff said Cruise helped her get in touch with her inner daredevil. The “Top Gun” star gifted his skydiving lessons when production on Christopher McQuarrie’s film wrapped in 2021, and the experience paved the way for Klementieff to discover a new passion.

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“I’ve jumped 104 times since October 2021, when Tom Cruise gave me skydiving lessons as a gift wrap,” Klementieff said. “I love haste, I love precision, I love how sharp it makes me. When I jump out of a hot air balloon very early in the morning and the sun is rising and it smells like mist, it’s magical.”

Though Cruise is notoriously willing to put his body on the line for the sake of his films, he’s been more cautious when it comes to protecting his co-stars. In another recent interview, Klementieff recalled begging Cruise to kick her in the stomach during a key action sequence in “Dead Reckoning,” but Cruise refused to risk hurting her.

“I kept telling him to kick me here,” Klementieff said. “I was clenching my abs. (I said), ‘You can just go for it.’ It was like ‘No, no, no, no, no.’ I was like, ‘But it’ll help me!’ But he wouldn’t do that.”

“Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part I” will be released in theaters on Friday, July 15.