"Ready Player One" author Ernest Cline reveals debut children's novel

“Ready Player One” author Ernest Cline reveals debut children’s novel

Ernest Cline, the best-selling novelist who saw his popular first book published, Ready Player One, adapted by Steven Spielberg into a tentpole film, has unveiled his debut young adult novel, Bridge to Bat City.

The children’s book is described as a “mostly true fairy tale” about a young orphaned girl named Opal B Flats who forms an unexpected friendship with a colony of music-loving bats and helps them find a new home against each other. prediction.

Bridge to Bat City will release in April 2024, published by Little, Brown Books. “In Bridge to Bat City, inspired by the bedtime stories he told his children, Ernie Cline has created an enchanting tale that weaves fact and fiction set against the incredible backdrop of 1980s Austin, filled with a vibrant cast of characters, a rich musical story , activism and environmentalism, and bats!” Alvina Ling of Little, Brown Books said in a statement.

by Cline Ready Player One it’s a dystopian, sci-fi movie novel about Wade Watts, a teenager in the year 2044. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the CGI adaptation of Spielberg for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow, which hit theaters in 2018.

Cline also wrote Ready player two AND Army. His book deal was brokered by manager and production partner Dan Farah and literary agent Yfat Reiss Gendell.