Rita Ora Reflects on Collaborating with Carrie Fisher on Her Final Film: 'She's an Icon'

Rita Ora Reflects on Collaborating with Carrie Fisher on Her Final Film: ‘She’s an Icon’

Rita Ora is opening up about working with Carrie Fisher on her latest film before she passed away in 2016 after suffering a heart attack.

Fisher’s final design, Wonderwell, was released in June. The magical coming-of-age story set in Italy follows a young girl named Violet (newcomer Kiera Milward) after she becomes the face of a world-renowned designer’s fashion label (Ora). When Violet wanders into a forest near the village where she and her family are staying, she meets the “legendary” forest witch, Hazel, played by Star Wars actress.

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Ora recalled working with Fisher as an “amazing experience,” adding, “I’m really surprised and delighted that this film is finally getting the light it deserves.” said the singer People. “To say I’ve been in scenes with Carrie Fisher, she is insane. She is an icon, a legend.

Wonderwell wrapped production shortly before Fisher’s death in December 2016, but faced several challenges after filming, including lockdowns due to COVID, which delayed its release for seven years.

“I will cherish this experience forever,” Ora continued, “and I’m happy that people are finally going to actually see this movie.”

THE Wonderwell The trailer sees Violet guided by the witch into a mysterious portal that allows her a glimpse of what her future will be like, and shows her that she may be facing a journey of no return. Her logline describes the story as “an exciting, funny and often terrifying journey”.

Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft, Megan Dodds, Vincent Spano and Niccolò Besio complete the cast of Vlad Marsavin’s film. Wonderwell was written by William Brookfield and produced by Marsavin, Fred Roos, Alexander Roos, Orian Williams, Lee Rudnicki and Robert Bernacchi.