Rosario Dawson reflects on collaborating with Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Haunted Mansion': 'It was really beautiful'

Rosario Dawson reflects on collaborating with Jamie Lee Curtis on ‘Haunted Mansion’: ‘It was really beautiful’

Rosario Dawson reflected on her time filming Disney’s live-action Haunted house on location with Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of his top-notch cast.

“Jamie, you know, me and Tiffany (Haddish) were definitely beyond ourselves being around her,” Dawson said. People magazine, adding that protagonist next to the Oscar winner it was part of the “beauty of” making the project happen.

Shooting on location in New Orleans allowed the cast, which also includes LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Dan Levy, Jared Leto, Winona Ryder and Hasan Minhaj, to bond during production even when they weren’t on set.

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“It was really cool how he (director Justin Simien) brought us together and gave us all the crystals, and we were reading the script together and creating these beautiful moments,” Dawson continued. “Tiffany had these house parties where she got her nails done and hennaed, and (DeVito) would come with Jeff (Kurland), our client.”

Chase W. Dillon, who plays Dawson’s son in the film, regularly threw parties during production, he shared. He even threw the cast and crew wrap party after filming wrapped: “It’s so amazing. We just had fun.

The live-action adaptation of Haunted house, based on the Disney carousel of the same name, it has a similar story to the 2003 film, starring Eddie Murphy. However, instead of a real estate agent, his wife and their children being summoned to the haunted mansion, the 2023 version follows a single mother named Gabbie (Dawson), who hires a tour guide, psychic, priest and historian to help exorcise her newly purchased mansion.

“Jamie texted me after he saw it, you know, and just — we’re really excited about it,” the Stupid the actress said. “I think it’s a really special movie, and it’s really different from (2003 Haunted house). It has a completely different vibe and (Simien) will say it’s very Black, it’s very New Orleans.”