Sony removes Bad Bunny Spider-Man spin-off 'El Muerto' from calendar

Sony removes Bad Bunny Spider-Man spin-off ‘El Muerto’ from calendar

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The death, the Spider-Man spin-off starring Bad Bunny, alright, muerto. At least for now.

The feature film project, which saw Jonás Cuarón, son of director Alfonso Cuarón, in the director’s chair, was slated for a January 12, 2024 release date, but Sony announced Wednesday that it had taken the title off its release schedule.

Died it was to be the first live-action Marvel project to star a Latino character. El Muerto is an anti-hero and the son of a luchador, or Mexican wrestler.

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Filming on the project hadn’t even started, so making that date would have been a race or bust. Sources say the project fell victim to the ongoing writers’ strike; the script needed further work in mid-spring, but services could not be done in time.

The film also hasn’t been picked up yet, but sources say the studio was making choices and had surrounded pro wrestler Mercedes Varnado, known by her stage name as Sasha Banks, for a role, and Marvin Jones III for the role of the notorious crime lord. like Tombstone. Jones has previously voiced the character in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Another factor in the release date was Bad Bunny’s tour schedule, which had tightened as the film lingered. It’s unclear what the fate of the project will be as it’s unclear how long Bad Bunny can stick around.

By dropping Muerto from the schedule, Sony made a number of other theatrical changes, including moving the GameStop feature Stupid money until 22 September from 30 October. Craig Gillespie’s film stars Paul Dano and tells the story of everyday investors who bet big on the game store. The studio also moved Legendary’s Clarence’s book to January 12, 2024 from September 22 this year. The Biblical-era film stars LaKeith Stanfield and is from director Jeymes Samuel.

Sony, which controls the film rights to Spider-Man, has already released two Poison features, and recently released the first trailer of Kraven the hunter, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It will be out on October 6th. She also has Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney Ms Web for February 16, 2024.