Sony's R-Rated animation "fixed" sets the voice cast

Sony’s R-Rated animation “fixed” sets the voice cast

Genndy Tartakovsky let the dogs in.

THE Hotel Transylvania AND Jack Samurai the director has announced the actors who will give the voice Fixedhis first R-rated comedy feature, which will follow a dog who goes out for one last wild night before being neutered.

Adam Devine, Kathryn Hahn and Idris Elba lead the voice cast of the film, which Tartakovsky and producer Michelle Murdocca presented as a work-in-progress to audiences at the Annecy Animation Film Festival Tuesday night. The duo showed several clips of the film produced by Sony and New Line Cinema, which is expected to be delivered in September. A release date has not yet been set.

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Pitch perfect star Devine plays Bull, a plump but still intact pooch who discovers his owners are about to give him the break. His already trusted friends Rocco (Elba), Fetch (Fred Armisen) and Lucky (Bobby Moynihan) decide to take him out for one last night on the town so he can get the most out of his balls before that it’s all over.

Hotel Transylvania AND Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse actress Kathryn Hahn plays Bull’s neighbor and love interest, the charming show dog Honey who has an endearing and raunchy side.

“Kathryn was an obvious choice,” Murdocca said. “We had worked with her on Transylvania(but) he asked us to make Honey’s dialogue a little more cheeky, to make her just one of the guys, so we went back and did a pass of Honey, and that’s where her character and his personality.

Beck Bennett will voice Sterling, Bull’s nemesis show dog. Also starring are River Gallo and Michelle Buteau, who voice dogs Frankie and Molasses, respectively.

Fixed will be Sony Pictures Animation’s first R-rated comedy, and Tartakovsky admitted it’s been a long journey to bring the project to the big screen. He said he originally floated the idea in 2009, before becoming the hitmaker for SPA, directing the first three films in the series. Hotel Transylvania franchise.

The project has gone through several iterations over the years, which Tartakovsky documented for the Annecy audience, tracing how the characteristic 3D CGI morphed into more traditional 2D Looney Tunesstyled animation after New Line joined.

“It helped me with the budget, but 2D was what I wanted to do from the start,” Tartakovsky said. “Dog balls don’t look good in 3D.”

Judging by the scenes shown in Annecy, Fixed it will earn its R rating. The sequences shown depicted dogs doing it “human style,” an orgy of pooches, and an extremely bloody incident with an unfortunate squirrel. The Annecy public bought it.

“This comedy was 10 times harder than anything real I’ve ever done, (so) hearing you laugh and hearing other people laugh at other screenings, it’s just ‘Phew’!” said Tartakovsky, who noted that, ” Once you get past the balls and holes, there’s a lot of heart there.