'Sound of Freedom' box office: Film opens at #1 in theaters in Texas, Arizona and Florida

‘Sound of Freedom’ box office: Film opens at #1 in theaters in Texas, Arizona and Florida

On any given weekend, AMC Century City 16 in Los Angeles and AMC Empire 13 in New York City generally top the list of a film’s highest-grossing theaters. Such was not the case for Sound of Freedoma new film from Angel Studios, the Utah-based production and distribution firm that previously championed the faith-based success The chosen ones.

Sound of Freedom he set off fireworks when it opened in the United States on July 4, and he gave Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny a run for his money. The film, which did particularly well in the midcountry and South, grossed $11.6 million on its opening day just missing out on the July 4 day crown at Quadrant of Destiny ($11.7 million). Angel, however, claims that the opening day number was actually $14.2 million when including $2.6 million in third-party ticket sales generated on Angel’s website.

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The film, billed as a political thriller, stars Christ’s passion’s Christ, Jim Caviezel as the real Tim Ballard, who worked as an agent for the Department of Homeland Security before embarking on his quest to bring child traffickers to justice (Ballard heads what has become known as Operation Underground Railroad). Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp also star.

On his first weekend, Sound of Freedom it ranked third with an impressive $19.7 million for a six-day total of $41.7 million, according to Comscore’s final numbers for the July 7-9 frame.

The film even took first place at some multiplexes for the previous weekend Insidious: Red Door AND destiny quadrant, including AMC Northpark 15 in Dallas/Fort Worth and Harkins’ Superstition Springs 25 in the Phoenix area, according to those with access to Comscore data. Overall, the two theaters ranked third and sixth on the list of the 20 highest-grossing film theaters in its opening weekend. It also made it to the No. 1 Miami/Ft. Lauderdale movie complex, a theater in Houston, a multiplex in Miami, and a theater in Salt Lake City.

AMC Burbank 30 and AMC Orange 30 in northern Orange County top the list Sound of Freedom’the s highest-grossing theaters, followed by AMC Northpark; AMC Dine in Thoroughbred in Nashville, Tennessee; AMC Gulf-Pointe30 in Houston; Sources of superstition; AMC Garden State Plaza in New Jersey; Regal Edwards South Gate in Southgate, California; Cinemark West Plano in Dallas; and Cinemark 16 in Harlingen, Texas.

In terms of states, Sound of Freedom it did particularly well throughout Texas, as well as Arizona, Florida and Utah.

The film earned a coveted A+ CinemaScore, which generally warrants strong word-of-mouth. The photo skewed female (58%) and older, with 57% of ticket buyers aged 45 and older, including 37% who were 55 and older.

Directed by Alejandro Monteverde Sound of Freedompartially crowdsourced.

“This film has now taken on a life of its own to become more than just that, a grassroots movement,” Angel Studios CEO Neal Harmon said in a statement. “The world needs to see Sound of Freedom and we know that our biggest competitive advantage – our incredible fans and investors – will make sure that happens.

While Sound of Freedom has been discussed on QAnon message boards, Angel which is not a QAnon film. Yet, in late 2021, Caviezel spoke at a QAnon convention in Las Vegas, where he invoked QAnon’s tagline, “The storm is upon us.”

Sound of Freedom continues its run at the box office this week and into the weekend and will go against Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, part onewhich opens on Wednesday.