Steve-O Says 'Jackass Forever' Was 'Kind of a Disappointment'

Steve-O Says ‘Jackass Forever’ Was ‘Kind of a Disappointment’

Steve-O is revealing why he thinks Donkey forever “it was a bit of a bummer”, even though it was a box office hit.

During an interview with NME, released online Friday, the writer-entertainer talked about the 2022 film, which saw Johnny Knoxville and his crew return for another round of wild and dangerous stunts and comedy. But it was one of the Knoxville scenes in the last film that changed Steve-O’s perspective.

“It’s no longer fun to see Knoxville get hit in the head,” he said of the scene that left the stuntman and actor with brain damage after their encounter with a bull. “I wrote this message to the entire cast that day, thanking Knoxville for the sacrifices he has made for this team, and also begging him to stop the traumatic brain injury. It was one of my most serious and sincere messages.

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Last year, Knoxville said Entertainment Weekly that he had officially stopped running with the bulls after the crash sent him to the hospital with a concussion, a brain hemorrhage, a broken wrist and rib.

As for his own stunts in what is assumed to be the last film of the Donkey franchise, Steve-O said he even found some of them underwhelming. He particularly recalled a scene with the “Bad Things” singer-rapper, in which a giant foam hand knocked them into a swimming pool while they were riding a stationary bike.

“I love Machine Gun Kelly,” he explained. “I just wish the stunt we put him in had been next level.”

While the movie may not have been Steve-O’s favorite in the entire franchise, Donkey forever went on to make $80 million worldwide against a $10 million budget. Critics have also declared the stunt ensemble’s latest film to be the best in franchise history.