Michael Cera in "Command Z"

Steven Soderbergh Unveils Surprise Sci-Fi Series ‘Command Z’ Starring Michael Cera — Watch Trailer

Steven Soderbergh shares the trailer for his secret project, ‘Command Z’.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, whose most recent film project is the just-premiered Max series ‘Full Circle’, has unveiled the first look at ‘Command Z’, originally billed under the moniker ‘The Pendulum Project’ for TV all beginning of this year.

Michael Cera plays a scientist who sets his employees on a “historical” mission to travel back in time to review history and save the world. The futuristic sci-fi series relies on a “wormhole in a washing machine” to remake the past to hopefully save the (future) present. The satire, which according to a press release will be released in eight parts, stars Roy Wood Jr. and Liev Schreiber.

The trailer is available on Soderbergh’s website Here.

“Command Z” was independently financed by Soderbergh outside of his overall deal with Warner Bros. and HBO. The 90 minutes of “Command Z” will be available exclusively on website for Soderbergh’s production company, extension 765, for streaming. The project was filmed between “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” and Max’s series “Full Circle,” according to the publication.

Soderbergh recently produced the 2023 Sundance shortlist “Divinity” and is in pre-production to direct the film “Presence.” The director appeared in conversation with David Fincher during this year’s Tribeca Festival, where the duo discussed including new technology on screen and remastering their previous work.

Academy Award winner Soderbergh recently said he is “not afraid” of artificial intelligence, a major sticking point for the SAG-AFTRA and WGA unions currently on strike in Hollywood.

“I may be the Neville Chamberlain of this topic, but I’m not afraid of AI in this specific context. He has no experience in life,” Soderbergh said. “He has never been hungover. He has never cooked a meal for anyone he loved. He has never been afraid to come home late at night. someone he went to high school with 20 years ago was incredibly successful. I’m not afraid of it. It’s just another tool. If it helps you finish a first draft of a screenplay, great. But he can finish that thing and make it great to alone? Absolutely not. To this day, it doesn’t keep me up at night.

“Command Z” will premiere July 17 exclusively on Soderbergh’s website Extension765.com. Watch the trailer Here.