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Studio Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ Defends AMC Theaters Against Wild Claims by Fans of Child Trafficking Drama

After AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron was faced with a viral rumor that “Sound of Freedom” audiences were being targeted by theater workers, the studio behind the film was scrutinized to support the theater chain.

A series of bizarre tweets from right-wing fans of the film — the child-trafficking drama has won vast admirers from those, like QAnon, who believe in wide-ranging pedophile plots touching the highest echelons of American power — have suggested that the air conditioning was deliberately turned off during the screenings. It’s a viral satirical tweet suggested that AMC theaters had a conspiracy against QAnon members and supplied suspicious liquids to the concession stand. “Sound of Freedom” is based on the story of Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel, who is an active supporter of QAnon.

“I work at AMC and just got fired for refusing to add this liquid to a customer’s soda,” comedian @MrNastyNoDrama tweeted in satire. “We were specifically tasked with serving this to the Sound of Freedom audience. I’m a microbiology student and I took it to the lab to examine it and found what look like nanobots inside.

AMC Theaters CEO, Aron tweeted apparently in response, “Really bizarre FUD circulating on Twitter that we’re suppressing participation in ‘Sound of Freedom.’ We screened that film 3,000 times in our 570 US theaters yesterday, and more than 100,000 people saw it in AMC theaters. The disinformation on Twitter is amazing. bots? Haters?”

Allegations of canceled screenings have also been addressed.

Aron tweeted again, writing, “Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists are so prevalent in America. So much junk information is being spread. Over ONE MILLION people have seen “Sound of Freedom” in AMC Theaters. More than in any other theater chain on the planet. Yet people falsely claim otherwise. It’s so bizarre. Let’s put this ridiculous conspiracy theory to rest. Fri/Sat over 250,000 people watched ‘Sound of Freedom’ at AMC in USA”

“Sound of Freedom” distributor Angel Studios has now released a joint statement in defense of AMC’s theatrical release, which resulted in the film’s sex trafficking networks in the United States dominating the box office. Angel Studios co-founder Jeffrey Harmon he answered to Aron’s tweet, writing: “Adam, I am a co-founder of Angel Studios and I want to thank you personally for what an amazing partner you have been. Many of your managers have reached out to me and personally told me that they love what is happening and have worked so hard to deliver a great experience for ‘Sound of Freedom’ fans.”

More than 450 new theaters have been added by AMC to show “Sound of Freedom” starting June 14.

“We understand that there are rumors – predominantly on social media – that AMC Theaters have made it difficult for fans to see ‘Sound of Freedom’ in local AMC Theaters, and we want to clarify that these rumors are not accurate,” Brandon Purdie, Head of Angel Theatrical Distribution, said in a press release. “AMC has been an outstanding partner to Angel Studios and indeed, based on the film’s performance and consumer demand, AMC has agreed to add additional screens for ‘Sound of Freedom’ this weekend.”

Purdie continued, “Angel Studios and the producers of ‘Sound of Freedom’ ask our fans to support AMC and all of our other motion picture partners. Summer is the busiest season for people who work in theaters, so we ask anyone attending a screening of “Sound of Freedom” to show kindness to your local theater staff. We have the best movie fans in the business. We continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for.”

Angel Studios’ press release thanked all of the film’s “partners in exhibition,” including Cinemark, Regal, Marcus Theaters, Harkins Theaters, Cineplex Cinemas, Landmark Cinemas, B&B Theaters, Megaplex Theaters, Malco Theaters, National Association of Theater Owners , Independent Cinema Alliance and AMC “key advocate”.

Angel Studios’ mission statement reads that the production company is the “home of stories that amplify light.” The crowdfunded studio platform “serves an audience that has been overlooked by Hollywood and other media conglomerates.”