'Superman: Legacy' finds the protagonists with David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

‘Superman: Legacy’ finds the protagonists with David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

James Gunn has found his Superman and Lois Lane and Rachel Brosnahan. After a long search, David Corenswet is the protagonist Superman: Legacythe film that will launch the new DC universe under the leadership of writer-director Gunn and his co-head of DC Studios, Peter Safran.

Few roles are as coveted – or under as much pressure – as Superman. Only three actors have portrayed the character on the big screen, with the work defining the career of Christopher Reeves in 1978 Superman launching the modern superhero genre and spawning three sequels. Brandon Routh starred Bryan Singer Superman returns (2006), a film that failed to ignite the box office and led to it being unique. And a decade ago, Henry Cavill starred in Zack Snyder Man of Steelthe film that launched the DC Extended Universe and made Cavill a fan favorite actor for his decent work as Clark Kent.

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Cavill continued to appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) e Justice League (2017) and after years away from the role, made a cameo appearance in Black Adam (2022) and announced his intention to star in more Superman projects. That was all before Gunn and Safran were hired to revamp DC, which included plans for a younger Superman.

The pressure is high Superman: Legacywhich will be the centerpiece of Gunn and Safran’s new universe and has a release date of July 11, 2025.

“I completely relate to Superman because that’s all I am,” Gunn said The Hollywood Reporter in April for a cover story. “He’s someone who’s an outsider who feels like an alien, but also a definitive insider, because he’s fucking Superman. And that’s kind of how I feel.

THE Superman it will be the first film entirely produced under Gunn and Safran’s tenure. The long delay Fast the film was released under new studio bosses; that film, plagued by poor publicity bolstered by star Ezra Miller, earned a disappointing $55 million during its opening weekend. Superman will mark the beginning of the new DC list.

Inheritance it marks a huge career change for Corenswet, not only landing No. 1 on the call sheet in a studio film for the first time, but making it as one of pop culture’s most enduring heroes. The actor first broke out on the Ryan Murphy series The politician, which was followed by a lead turn in another Murphy-backed Netflix series Hollywood. Other credits include the HBO series We own this city and the horror sequel to A24, Pearl. Then there is the Apple series Lady in the lake AND Tornado Continuation, Twisters.