Sly. Sylvester Stallone in Sly. Cr. Rob DeMartin/Netflix © 2023

Sylvester Stallone’s Legacy Captured in Netflix’s ‘Sly’ — Watch Teaser

A deep dive into the life and legacy of Sylvester Stallone is on its way.

Netflix has announced that the documentary “Sly” will debut this November from director Thom Zimny ​​​​(“Springsteen on Broadway”). The film will capture the decade-long career of Academy Award-nominated actor, writer, director and producer Stallone, whose credits range from the “Rocky” franchise to the new Paramount+ reality series “The Family Stallone.”

The official Netflix synopsis reads: For nearly 50 years, Sylvester Stallone has entertained millions with iconic characters and blockbuster franchises, from ‘Rocky’ to ‘Rambo’ to ‘The Expendables.’ This retrospective documentary offers an intimate look at the Oscar-nominated actor-writer-director-producer, paralleling his inspired underdog story with the indelible characters he brought to life.

Stallone has been vocal about his current role in the ‘Rocky’ franchise as a producer and has also hinted that his current hit series ‘Tulsa King’ could be among his latest acting roles. Stallone has confirmed that he is writing and potentially directing the television show “Tenderloin,” which he developed with “Yellowstone” director and executive producer Stephen Kay, as well as an Edgar Allen Poe biopic titled “Poe.”

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“But I doubt the acting aspect,” Stallone told IndieWire of his roles in both projects. “I think this might be my swan song,” in reference to Taylor Sheridan’s “Tulsa King.”

“Sly” comes on the heels of Netflix’s three-part docuseries “Arnold” about Stallone’s rival and acting counterpart, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We loathed each other immensely because we were…it may sound a little vain, but I think we were the pioneers of a genre at the time and it hasn’t been seen since,” Stallone said of Schwarzenegger in the 80s. “So the competition, because that’s his nature, he’s very competitive and so am I… and I just thought that actually helped, but off screen we were still competitive and it wasn’t a healthy thing at all, but we became really good friends.”

The duo starred together in ‘The Expendables’ and ‘Escape Plan,’ with Stallone recently admitting that Schwarzenegger may have been the “superior” action star..

“I had to get my ass kicked constantly, whereas Arnold, he never got hurt that much,” Stallone said. “And I’m like, ‘Arnold, you could go out and fight a dragon and you’d come back with a Band-Aid.'”

“Sly” will premiere in November on Netflix. Check out the teaser below.