Tatiana Maslany, Elliot Page and Martin Short Call for British Columbia Actors to Vote Against Proposed AMPTP Contract Extension

Tatiana Maslany, Elliot Page and Martin Short Call for British Columbia Actors to Vote Against Proposed AMPTP Contract Extension

Tatiana Maslany, Elliot Page, Martin Short and Ingrid Haas are among Canadian actors supporting a letter calling on other British Columbia artists to vote against a proposal by American producers to extend their Union of British Columbia Performers/Alliance of Canadian Cinema , Television and Radio Artists (UBCP/ACTRA) agree for another year through March 31, 2025 in exchange for a 5% pay raise.

This agreement between the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP) and its local counterpart, the BC branch of the Canadian Media Producers Association, and the local representatives of IATSE 891, IATSE 669, Teamsters 155, the BC branch of the Directors Guild of Canada and UBCP/ACTRA, now faces votes of ratification from the wider membership.

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In all, 68 Canadian actors signed the July 10 letter urging West Coast artists with union UBCP/ACTRA to refuse an “advance agreement” they say will jeopardize current U.S. contact talks with SAG- AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America leading to a Hollywood double strike.

“We will not be used as a bargaining chip. We deserve our agreement and we deserve something better,” states the letter obtained from The Hollywood Reporter. Proposed one-year extension deal comes as local film, television talent and crews face closure of American film and television projects in and around Vancouver as SAG-AFTRA begins its own work stoppage in the wake of a strike underway by the WGA.

Will Sasso, Daniel Maslany, Dustin Milligan, Joey Klein, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Dave Foley, Mae Martin and Emily Hampshire have also lent their names to the letter coinciding with British Columbia corporations and unions, including UBCP-ACTRA , who have until July 20 to vote on whether to accept the proposed contract extension.

The signatories of the letter argue that extending the working conditions to 2025 will reduce the leverage for Canadian actors when they renegotiate their employment contracts that expire in 2024.

“This is an unprecedented moment. Our employers have increased their profits by billions by cutting our wages and undermining our working conditions. But we too have power. Our strength is in solidarity, with our members and with the labor movement in general. This is a game changer. We must protect ourselves, our worth and future artists in our industry. The economic survival of our own professions is at stake,” the letter reads.

Ennis Esmer, Amanda Crew, Carly Pope, Connor Jessup, Martha Macisaac, Rachel Blanchard, Grace Lynn Kung, Kate Ziegler, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Ben Lewis, Ellen Wong and Elana Dunkelman are also among the notable names who signed the letter.