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The new Netflix feature makes moving in with your boyfriend easier

Netflix is ​​making it easier for you to move your Netflix profile data wherever you go, whether it’s moving in with a new boyfriend, out of your parents’ basement, or because you have a new roommate.

The streamer on Tuesday rolled out a new twist to its existing profile transfer feature: you can now transfer your profile to an existing account. When the feature launched in October, you can only transfer your profile data to a new account. But that presented a challenge if, for example, you wanted to use an email address associated with an inactive account or if you were now being added to your significant other’s plan rather than your parents or siblings.’

“People move. Families grow. Relationships end. But during these life changes, your Netflix experience should remain the same,” Netflix previously wrote in its October blog post.

A Netflix rep added that changing “existing account” to profile transfer was “a highly requested feature from our members and we’re excited to roll it out to everyone.”

It also, coincidentally, makes it easier for you to comply with Netflix’s current password sharing crackdown. The launch of Profile Transfer was a precursor to the streamer’s paid sharing model that launched in May. If you are in a different household than the account owner, the account owner may add you to their plan for an additional $7.99 per month (and per borrower), or you may transfer your existing profile to a new account at paid, with Netflix plans starting at $6.99 (with ads).

This new feature captures a slightly different crowd who still want to pay for Netflix but want to do it without jumping through the hoops of creating a new profile and password, or perhaps want to transfer their profile from one paid sharing account to another.

That’s good news for Netflix, as the streamer has seen a surge in signups in the days after paid sharing went into effect. According to the data of Antenna Last month, Netflix averaged 73,000 new signups over a four-day span in late May, up more than 102% from the previous 60-day average. The streamer also had far more cancellations than average, but Antenna said new signups outpaced cancellations by 25%.

Analysts have also predicted that the paid share could be worth up to $3 billion to the streamer, with many raising their share price targets up to $500. Netflix is ​​hosting its fiscal second-quarter earnings next week. , on July 19.

Netflix also recently made changes to its internal measurement system to quantify top-performing TV shows and movies, ranking content based on the number of times it’s viewed rather than the number of hours it’s viewed. This change meant that “Wednesday” took away the top spot from “Stranger Things 4” among the most popular English-language TV series. Check out some of the other notable changes to the global top 10 lists here.