'The Nun 2' evokes the first trailer

‘The Nun 2’ evokes the first trailer

The nun 2 trailer is taking audiences back to the Conjuring universe.

The film is the sequel to the 2018 one The nunwhich became the top grosser Evocation all-time film with $365.5 million globally. A film about a demonic nun played by Bonnie Aarons and set in 1952. Aarons first played her part in The summon 2.

The sequel once again stars Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene, with Storm Reid also joining. James Wan and Peter Safran are producing Wan’s Atomic Monster and Safran’s The Safran Company.

Michael Chaves directs the tale set in 1966, which picks up with Sister Irene’s friend, Maurice (Jonas Bloquet), possessed by the demon Valak. After a terrible event at the French school where Maurice works, Sister Irene goes to the countryside to investigate, and is helped along the way by Reid’s character.

The Conjuring Universe has released eight films to date, with Chaves helming the previous installment, 2021 The Conjuring: The devil made me do itwhich propelled the franchise to over $2 billion at the global box office.

The nun 2, the ninth film in the franchise, hits theaters September 8 via New Line. The studio has more plans for the series, with The Evocation: Last Rites revealed as the title of what is being billed as the final installment in the mainline franchise starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga (Taissa Farmiga’s sister).